Sale Of Mortgage Housing Without Losses

How to sell an apartment without having to buy it: a word to the experts. There are many reasons for parting with the newly acquired real estate. And the mortgage burden is not an obstacle to selling square meters.

 The Usual Thing

“Flats from bail are usually sold for two reasons: either because of the arrears of a mortgage loan, or if necessary to change the living conditions (moving to another city, the birth of children, divorce and other life circumstances),” says Julia Tugolukova, director of the company Advice – Petrogradskoe Agency. – In other cases with real estate, especially if this is the only housing, even in case of default sellers part in the last turn “.

To sell real estate in a mortgage is not so difficult. Experts of the St. Petersburg real estate market unanimously affirm that such some Petersburgers are being solved to make such deals, that the algorithm has already been worked out to the last detail.

“Today, this transaction is, in fact, a typical one,” comments Sergey Barachenya, the leading manager of the Russian Real Estate Fund. – To sell real estate in a mortgage, you need either refinance the corresponding object in the bank where the loan is approved, or approve the borrower in the bank where the collateral is located. Anyway, this transaction is possible under one of three conditions. First, there is cash. Then the acquirer extinguishes the seller’s debt to the bank. The second variant of the development of events is when the object is in one bank, and the buyer is approved in another. In this case, two scenarios are possible. The first is refinancing a bank loan A with a loan from Bank B. In this case, the facility itself becomes a pledge of bank B, and a deal is made there. The second – a loan from Bank B is transferred to Bank A. A loan is being issued to repay the previous loan. “

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